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Wesley Preschool: Frequently Asked Questions

How many children are enrolled at Wesley Preschool?
About 150 children are enrolled at Wesley and attend at various times during the week. We have many class choices in the morning.

How old is Wesley Preschool?
Wesley was first established as a kindergarten in the 1950's. When Fairfax County began to offer kindergarten, Wesley became a preschool.

What type of clothing should my child wear?
Since classes at preschool involve painting, lively activity and on-the-floor play, clothing should be durable, casual and washable. Belts and difficult clothing should be avoided for ease in the bathroom. Rubber soled shoes and closed toe shoes are best for the playground.

What about transportation?
Transportation to and from school is the sole responsibility of parents.

Are snacks provided?
Wesley Preschool provides a nutritious snack everyday. Parents are welcome to provide one on a special occasion after making arrangements with the classroom teacher. Wesley Preschool strives to be peanut/nut free.

Does the preschool provide field trips?
In-house field trips (programs presented at school) are scheduled throughout the school year. They may include storytellers, nature presentations, musicians, puppeteers, and community helpers. Walking field trips may be taken by older classes in an area within one mile of the preschool. All field trips are planned to supplement classroom activities.

Must my child be toilet trained?
Children do not need to be toilet trained in the two year old class.