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It is a primary goal of Wesley Preschool to keep in touch with parents. Teachers provide a weekly newsletter which describes activities in the classroom and upcoming events. The parent committee, also, publishes a monthly newsletter. Information will be distributed via email or sent home in the child's tote bag. Wesley Preschool offers two parent-teacher conferences during the school year. 

Parent Involvement

Wesley Preschool is a family experience. The school fosters an "open door" policy and invites parents to visit at any time. Teachers may also request parent assistance in classrooms for special projects and events. 

Our Parent Committee organizes several events during the school year including a Christmas Party and Spring Fling. The committee schedules Parent Night Outs at local restaurants and family meet ups at local attractions, such as Frying Pan Park. Members organize Friday picnics and Spirit Days. Family and faculty meals are scheduled monthly at a different restaurant in the neighborhood.

The school sponsors Parent/Teacher Coffees during the year and offers educational programs on topics such as child development, nutrition, parenting skills, and positive discipline techniques.


Please follow these parking procedures:

1. Enter lower parking area from Spring Street
2. Park in one of the three lower parking lots.
3. Do not park next to the playground.

With high levels of traffic near the preschool, each driver must use extreme caution to insure the safety of others. Cars must be turned off when unattended. Infants and young children must not be left alone in cars. Children must hold the hand of an adult between the parking area and the preschool.

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Receiving and Dismissal

All Wesley preschoolers must be transferred directly from an adult to their teachers at a designated spot. At no time are preschoolers to be left unattended to find class on their own. At dismissal, children will only be allowed to leave with an adult whose name is listed on the form, "Permission to Pick Up." Teachers must always have written notification of other arrangements for leaving school.

Inside, it is Wesley's policy for "good-byes" to be said in the hallway, before children enter the classroom. This seems to ease separation and keeps the classroom the domain of the children. At the end of the day, adults are asked to wait, quietly, as teachers dismiss each child.


Wesley prides itself in offering nutritious snacks to its students each day. For special occasions, parents are welcome to provide snacks for their child's class, keeping in mind the school's nutritious snack policy. The classroom teacher should be consulted in advance to discuss possible allergies in the classroom, the snack itself, and the date for which the snack is proposed. Remember, party favors of any type are not appropriate.

Wesley attempts to be a nut-free environment.