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The curriculum at Wesley is based on currently accepted early childhood principles and supplemented by United Methodist curriculum literature. It is developmentally appropriate. Each classroom offers centers that are stimulating and fun. Play is an integral part of the curriculum: science, mathematics, language arts and social science. A day at the preschool includes many of the following experiences:

• Participating in process art and other fine motor activities
• Science activities
• Observing and caring for plants and pets
• Auditory perception/memory skills
• Mixing and tasting foods
• Dramatic play/large muscle activities
• Listening, singing and talking during circle time
• Manipulative/small muscle activities
• Math activities: counting, classifying, sorting, patterns
• Learning to share, take turns, and care for others

All classes have Chapel once each month and music/movement weekly

In the loving environment of the preschool the uniqueness of each child is celebrated. Opportunities are provided for each child to grow and develop to the fullest during the vital preschool years. 

What is Science Day?

Science Day is a class for older children that meets once a week, 9:00am-12:00pm, with a focus on the natural world. Activities and investigations are hands-on; teachers in the program encourage questions and experiments. Wesley's "young scientists" use all their senses to explore topics ranging from insects and spiders to magnets and volcanoes.

After School Programs

All after school programs run from 12pm - 1pm. Our programs offer children an opportunity to extend their day and learn to have lunch in a school environment. All lunch items are packed from home and must be nut-free.

Lunch Bunch

Lunch bunch participants eat lunch in a classroom environment. The remainder of the time is used for reading, indoor, and outdoor play. Wesley Preschool plans to offer Lunch Bunch three days a week in 2016/2017. Children must be 3 years old and potty trained to participate.

Young Scholars

The Young Scholars Program offers our oldest students the opportunity to explore greater topics in Math, Science, Geogrpahy and Literacy.

Book Club

Children participate in actitivities that promote literacy through select and favorite children's books. The goals of the class include critical thinking, storytelling and recall, listening, sharing, and group discussions. The book club creates books, plants flowers, examines word trees, learns various words in different languages, completes art activities, and learns geography.