The Story of Wesley Preschool

 What makes Wesley Preschool unique?

Wesley United Methodist Church Preschool has a decades-long tradition of solid education and strong commitment to family.  Our doors first opened in January 1958, when Wesley Church recognized the need for a school to nurture and teach young students in Vienna, Virginia. The church established a kindergarten program with seven students; tuition was $25 each month. Ten years later, in 1968, when Fairfax County Public Schools began offering kindergarten, Wesley School transitioned into a preschool for children ages 2 to 5. That first school year welcomed 18 students.  Today, we serve 130 students and are proud to report that many of our now grown up “alumni” also have their children at Wesley.

With a stellar reputation in the community, we are committed to remaining an outstanding traditional preschool, where all children are valued and loved.  We offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum and facilitate learning through play.  Classroom activities are fun and encourage curiosity, exploration, and open-ended discussions.  While academics and preparation for elementary school are primary goals, we also focus on teaching social skills, such as sharing, taking turns, and negotiating.  We value all students, promote self-confidence, and make the first school experience a positive one for a lifetime love of learning.   We embrace the core values and philosophy of Conscious Discipline®.  We believe that kindness to family, friends, and strangers is an important value to instill, particularly in the busy world today.

Wesley’s program also emphasizes the importance of process art, gross motor time, and the world of Science. Handwriting without Tears® is incorporated into the curriculum to teach fine motor skills and preliteracy skills through multisensory experiences.   Older students enroll in a morning of Science with active hands-on learning and experiments.  Students study a variety of topics including volcanos, metamorphosis, recycling, magnets, and the five senses.  Wesley children can enroll in after school enrichment programs such as math, literature, geography, yoga, and book club.

Wesley Preschool is indeed a family experience.  Most of our teachers’ children attend or have graduated from the preschool.  Our wonderful Parent Committee plans social events throughout the school year, such as off-site field trips, dinners at local restaurants, seasonal parties, coffees, picnics, and educational programs for parents and caregivers. Further, parents are welcome to participate in classroom activities, but are not required to do so.

Our population includes students from all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. We successfully include diverse learners and celebrate the strengths and gifts of an individual while recognizing and adapting to the challenges which arise with a neurological difference. We partner with all parents and resource specialists to insure success.