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Recommended Resources for Apps for Preschoolers

Dear Parents,

I am excited to post my very first blog!

I have not suffered a full blown mid-life crisis and purchased a motorcycle or gotten a tattoo. However, an empty nest brings extra time in my day and an opportunity to explore new things. You may remember that I began running a year ago and frequently run short races. If you know me well, you know once, just once, I won my age group and STILL brag about it. Yes, running continues to be great fun in my life. More importantly, it provides me wonderful moments of reflection, prayer, and time with God.

Another mid-life adventure I hope to tackle is to become more informed about social media. As your Director, I feel that it is imperative that I understand and use the technology that we embrace daily. In the near future I will send you a survey monkey asking how you prefer to receive information from the preschool office and how you feel about the integration of tablets into our curriculum.

I recently participated in several workshops led by Fran Simon at the Virginia Association of Early Childhood Education Conference. Fran is the Chief Engagement Officer of Engagement Strategies, a national marketing, educational technology and webinar production consulting company. She is also the author of Digital Decisions: Choosing the Right Technology Tools for Early Childhood. Check out her website: and also the Early Learning Environment Community (ELE) on for recommendations on educational apps for your child’s tablet. Fran likes: My Story, Cookie Doodle, Toca Boca, and Smacktalk. Fox News recently suggested the following apps for preschoolers: Grandpa’s Workshop, Wood Puzzle, Endless Alphabet, and Counting Bear.

I hope that you enjoyed my first blog and can check out some of these recommendations.

God Bless,